• Results 2012 | 2016


Local Government | LGCP Capacity Programme

Results 2012 | 2016

The Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs 2013-2017 international cooperation policy was called

‘A world to gain: A New Agenda for Aid, Trade and Investment’. Within that context, the Local Government Capacity Programme (LGCP 2012-2016), mostly financed by the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by VNG International, aimed to develop the capacity of local governments and local government associations in ten countries and Central America, in order to contribute to sustainable local economic development and the four prioritised themes of the Dutch international cooperation policy: water; security and rule of law; food security; and sexual and reproductive health and rights. This is the final report for the period 2012-2016 by means of Most Significant Change Stories and end-products covering the four prioritised policy themes, local economic development, taxation and our capacity development approach. For detailed progress reports, please refer to the annual reports.